Tejas Jadhav

Simple chat server in Nim: Basics

January 24, 2019

Build a simple chat server using nothing except sockets in Nim which pushes messages sent by any client to all other connected clients…

Common database table design patterns

January 05, 2019

This article is yet to be finished. Content These tables are for storing pure content. A really good example would be blog articles. This…

Introducing: Scheduler

November 25, 2018

Scheduler is a small task scheduling utility built for Django using Celery. A lot of interesting projects start by solving a simple but…

Two sides of a coin: Biased opinions

April 30, 2016

Internet has become a crazy place. Information is available at our fingertips. We know the major events that happen across the globe which…

The Actor model

April 22, 2016

The Model Have you heard of the Actor model in context of software architecture before? If you have, then continue reading for a quick…

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