I recently came across a thread stating the similarity between One Piece (anime and manga) by Eiichiro Oda and The Dark Knight Rises movie by Christopher Nolan.

One Piece and The Dark Knight Rises Similarities

Textual Representation

Incident One Piece The Dark Knight Rises
Anti-hero protagonist Luffy Batman
Mastermind behind chaos Crocodile Bane
City that is nearing destruction Alabasta Gotham
City forces try to defend Alabasta Royal Army Gotham Police Force
Rebels try to take over Koza and his army All prisoners set free by Bane
Protagonist at the brink of death on first fight Crocodile nearly impales Luffy and casts him into sand pit Bane utterly breaks Batman and puts him in the pit
The next encounter is between the chaos Luffy fights with Crocodile second time while rebels and royal army are fighting outside Batman fights with Bane in midst of the fight between police and rebels
Protagonist has hidden a round shaped bomb somewhere in the city Timed bomb hidden in the clock tower Timed nuclear bomb hidden inside a moving truck
Protagonist's allies try to find the location of the bomb Luffy's crew and Vivi Gordon and his team
Bomb is airlifted far away from the city Pel flies away carrying the bomb high into the sky Batman uses the Bat to carry the bomb into the bay
Both of them survive at the end Pel is found alive in the subsequent episodes Bruce Wayne is seen enjoying his vacation

Holy mother of Nolan!